Why whyMarlin?

whyMarlin is a National Marketing Agency that specializes in developing highly effective marketing campaigns for YMCA associations.

Widely considered to be the largest marketing agency in the country dedicated to developing YMCA solutions. With over 150 years of service that involves over 300 YMCA branches, whyMarlin has the expertise and knowledge to provide real and practical solutions for any YMCA association. whyMarlin has the unique ability to identify specific marketing issues that concern YMCA associations and in turn form and execute well thought out marketing plans. From the latest and greatest in digital marketing to all traditional marketing channels, we are the marketing and development team that will support the YMCA.

Why whyMarlin? | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

YMCA Marketing Experts

Setting your organization apart through rich member experiences and intelligent interactions.

Digital Marketing Channels | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Digital Marketing

As the digital world continues to change and evolve it becomes increasingly important to keep pace. whyMarlin is the team that has the understanding and ability to build a digital strategy, implement, and monitor the results to exceed you ROI goals.

Website Marketing | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Website Marketing

We believe your Website is the center of the universe as all marketing will gravitate to it. Not only does it need to be well designed, deliver relevant content, provide tools for you members, but most importantly it needs to be able to help you grow new members and allow current members seamless transactions.

Program Marketing | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Program Marketing

Effective youth-serving programs do not simply “happen” on their own. Programs must be marketed to have their greatest possible impact. Because of our extensive YMCA marketing experience, we have the ability to put a strategically identify your target program audience and keep that audience engaged in your organization’s activities.

Campaign Development | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Campaign Development

Working with YMCA’s across the country we can help bring best practices to you and work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign that will deliver and then monitor the results to meet your strategic goals.

Business System Interfaces | WhyMarlin YMCA Marketing Services

Business System Interfaces

We know that many YMCAs struggle with increasing their online revenue and we have the solution that will help drive more dollars online and reduce the amount of time branches will spend helping members find the right programs. We help build interfaces and API’s on multiple levels to find the right solution for your organization.

Member Data Marketing | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Member Data Marketing

Our Member Data Marketing services allow us to analyze the broad data of your current members, which will identify your best members and allow us to improve how you market to your potential members. This helps improve your marketing effectiveness, as well as reduce marketing costs.