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A web site is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan.

The Valley of the Sun YMCA Website Development project brought together all of our Website Marketing resources with Design and Development taking a leading role. Our whyMarlin Marketing Experts focused primarily on supporting the strategic marketing goals developed by the YMCA and whyMarlin.

Project Details

Valley of the Sun YMCA

Website Marketing


Design & Development


The focal point for the whyMarlin web development team was to build a network of websites that encompassed a central way to manage them all.

The Valley of the Sun YMCA specifically needed a web presence that supported 17 YMCA branches that displayed large quantities of uniquely developed content triggered by user behavior.

Multi-Site Platform

Our web development team built valleyymca.org on a multisite platform that takes advantage of network administration. This allowed us to preserve the uniqueness of each branch while keeping administration tightly controlled through a single administrative site setup. Some of the unique features we were able to add include:

  • Managing and presenting schedules can be managed both globally and through each branch.
  • Each branch is afforded chat options that can be activated at the discretion of the branch.
  • Multiple custom user levels were required on both the membership level as well as the employee level.

Event & Calendar Services

Another goal for the Valley of the Sun YMCA was to have the ability to deliver their event and calendar content to their users. However, each branch required the needs to display only their own unique events, while the central site would gather the current upcoming events from all of the branches. Being able to implement event and calendar services was a key element in the site development. We were able to give each branch the ability to post unique events and at the same time display global events and other activities. Presenting all this information in multiple formats including calendars was also added to the site functionality.

Social Media

Sharing information is important to YMCAs and its members. Various Social Media sharing options were added along with event and activity sharing features. Providing these capabilities for mobile platforms has dramatically improve site traffic and participation.

whyMarlin Impact

Joining the Y can sometimes be a confusing process. whyMarlin has helped the Valley of the Sun YMCA develop a hugely successful online membership quoting tool that directs potential new members through a simple quoting process and passes that information on the key YMCA employees.

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