Valley of the Sun YMCA Confidence Video

As marketing companies start flocking to video content marketing, whyMarlin has already been using them to compliment our tactical marketing strategies.

At whyMarlin, we put as much effort into the video production as we do marketing it. Our ultimate goal for this project was to engage your potential and current members while helping the Valley of the Sun YMCA achieve it’s goal to create a movement of Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility within their communities.

Project Details

Valley of the Sun YMCA

Digital Marketing

Digital Video Strategy

whyMarlin’s marketing experts are fully aware that video is the future of content marketing, which is why we included Digital Video as part of their overall marketing strategy. Our goal for this project was to create a video that contained a message that was relevant to its audience, engage them, and to get them to take action. How we accomplished this was through:

Planning a Strategy – The first part of what we do at whyMarlin is define your purpose, objectives, target audience, style, tone and length. All of these pieces help us prepare for the next phase.

Execution – Once we have completed the planning stages, we start creating a storyboard around the message we have defined. By laying out the core message in a storyboard, we are able to help shape and refine it and get your towards the finished product.

Choosing the Right Channels – To find the right channels, we focus on the “how.” Mainly, how we are going to distribute your video content to your target audience. We consider all possible options when it comes to choosing the right channels and worked with the client in order to choose the best options that would have the most potential success.

Encouragement – Once we get the video out into the world, it doesn’t stop there. We spent time on encouraging your audience to click and watch. To do this we used good SEO, gave them a reason, as well as offered social proof to overcome any potential skepticism. Basically, we market your content!

Spread the Word – Once we get your audience watch we encourage them to spread the word, share it, show their family and friends.

Behind the Message

One of the challenges for this project, or any video marketing strategy for that matter, is how to capture our target audience before they have a chance to hit skip. To obtain our successful results we emphasized the human being behind the company. We showed the passion and conviction of the Valley of the Sun YMCA through a short and clearly defined message. This bold campaign emphasizes the importance of the life-changing work performed by the YMCA, as well as the positive change they make in their communities across Arizona on a daily basis.

whyMarlin’s Impact

Our ultimate goal with the YMCA Confidence Video was to drive membership, but sometimes words or a promotion isn’t enough. Therefore we use branding videos, like this one, to better drive their message and provide a good representation of some of the things the Y provides… programs, self worth, confidence within a community, and… a feeling of belonging.

Some people need to SEE what the Y is, what it stands for, and what their cause is. By seeing it they are able to truly understand that the Y is so much more than simply a gym, its about being apart of something more within their communities. This is the reason the testimonial is so valuable at the end of the video, it shows the full impact that the Y truly has.

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