Valley of the Sun YMCA Google Adwords & Grants Campaigns

A popular marketing channel in digital advertising is Google Adwords. As a non-profit, YMCA’s also have the option to participate in a program called Google Grants. As a participant, Google provides up to $40,000 per month in Pay-Per-Click marketing dollars to non-profits.

For the Valley of the Sun YMCA, Google Adwords and Google Grants have played an instrumental role in their overall lead performance. With goals in mind, we’ve achieved a 276% increase in impressions year over year with an overall CPC decrease of nearly 90%. Perhaps the most impressive statistic is the 900% increase in conversions year over year (2014 vs 2015).

  • Impressions | Google AdWords Campaign Management | whyMarlin

    2014 vs. 2015


    Increase in impressions year over year.

  • Click-through-Rate | CTR | Google AdWords Campaign Management | whyMarlin

    2014 vs. 2015


    Decrease in Cost-Per-Click Spending.

  • Conversions | Google AdWords Campaign Management | whyMarlin

    2014 vs. 2015


    Increase in conversions year over year.

Project Details

Valley of the Sun YMCA

Digital Marketing

Google AdWords

Google Grants


Setup & Optimization with whyMarlin

At whyMarlin, the strategy behind an account and the campaigns housed within the account is crucial to the long term success of Google Adwords and Google Grants. We structure the account inline with the strategic marketing goals to ensure that each marketing effort supports the overall goal.

The optimization of a Google Adwords and Google Grants is an ongoing, strategic process. It takes consistent and methodical monitoring and a well rounded understanding of Google and it’s components to fully optimize an account.

We work to ensure that our Google Adwords accounts are achieving the highest number of clicks and impressions at the lowest cost per click possible. We can do this through adding relevant and high performing keywords, improving the quality score through developing relevant landing pages with quality content, and adding additional site links, and so on.

How It Works?

It all starts with a Google search. Google determines whether there will be an auction. If there are a number of advertisers in the pool and Google determines the search is relevant to the keywords being bid upon, ads will be served (resulting in impressions).

If you are entered into an auction, Google considers two factors: maximum bid and your quality score. You determine the maximum you are willing to pay for a certain term and Google will help determine your Quality Score based on how relevant your ad is to the user (factors considered are CTR, relevance and the landing page).

How Much Does It Cost?

You pay the minimum amount you can pay for the position you win if your ad is clicked on. It is determined by Your Price = The Ad Rank of the Person Below You / Your Quality Score + $0.01

There are a number of competitive markets that have a much higher cost to participate. But, the more strategic and the better understanding you have, the lower your cost can be to participate. Further, with Google Grants, while there are restrictions, it is essentially free money that you can take advantage of.

whyMarlin Impact

At whyMarlin, we ensure that everyone that touches a Google Adwords or Grants account is Google Certified through Google Partners. Through their rigorous certification program, we can ensure that each account receives the expertise and strategy that it deserves. As a result, YMCA’s can expect a high level of understanding, impressive results and a long-term strategy that helps achieve even short-term goals!

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