Arizona YMCA Camp Sky-Y Facebook Campaign

One of the benefits of marketing on Facebook is that it combines behaviors with data mining to give you access to exactly who you are targeting.

For the Arizona YMCA Camp Sky-Y Facebook campaign, whyMarlin had a few goals – to win back campers, inform our audience of the early registration specials, increase traffic to their website, and to get participation for the open-house.

Project Details

Arizona YMCA Camp Sky-Y

Digital Marketing



Facebook Advertising has become a driving force in digital marketing and is playing a significant role in the overall marketing strategy. It is an effective way to reach a large number of people for a relatively low cost. Many prefer Facebook Advertising over Google Adwords for a number of reasons – including cost and targeting.

For AZ YMCA Camps, this has proven to be an excellent addition to their marketing strategy. We’ve seen a CPC as low as $0.15 cents, a 3.35% CTR, and a frequency rate of 4 on average.

Why Include Facebook Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy?

Facebook Advertising is a very cost effective marketing strategy. With a lower CPC, businesses can get in front of more people quicker. Though it depends on the industry and a few other factors such as relevance score, budget, and target audience, we typically see our average CPC as low as $0.20 cents.

Facebook Advertising also allows for narrowed targeting. Whether you want to target based on demographics (age, gender, income, residence, presence of children, etc.), geography (region, city, state, radius around an address), or even personal preferences and interests, Facebook allows for strategic, drilled down targeting.

You can also target using custom audiences such as existing or past members. For example, with AZ YMCA Camps, we wanted to encourage past camp attendees to return to camp this year! Using an email list of past camp attendees, we were able to target and present this audience with a custom ad with a strong call to action (CTA).

Typically, Facebook Advertising has an impressive ROI, which is why many incorporate it into their overall marketing strategy. Unlike other forms of traditional advertising, when budget is limited or you need a last minute push, Facebook is an excellent option that can provide quick results.

whyMarlin Impact

At whyMarlin, our digital marketing team is well-versed in the ins and outs of Facebook and their advertising platform. Similar to Google Adwords, the strategy behind campaigns is crucial. It is always our goal to achieve the highest number of impressions and clicks at the lowest cost. We always work with the overall strategic marketing goals in mind. When we structure the campaigns in line with the goals, we are able to tie results back to the strategy and report a positive ROI.

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