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After nearly 20 years, whyMarlin is comfortable being known as the largest and most experienced YMCA Marketing Agency in the US.

After nearly 20 years of developing and implementing marketing projects for over 300 groups across the United States, whyMarlin is comfortable being known as the largest and most experienced YMCA Marketing Agency. Below are the services we are most often asked to engage in with our Partners and where we show our Y muscle best. Many offer pieces of the marketing puzzle, we offer all the pieces and put the puzzle together for you! If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask us, we’ve probably created a solution somewhere along the journey.

Digital Marketing Channels | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Digital Marketing

  • Create/Manage all PPC Channels
  • Develop and Maintain Google Grants Programs
  • Create and Manage All Aspects of Social Platforms
Website Marketing | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Website Marketing

  • Create/Develop Full Websites
  • Maintain Ongoing Content
  • Manage SEO and SEM
Program Marketing | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Program Marketing

  • Build/Manage Full Guide Platform
  • Digital Platform for Program Guide
  • All Aspects of Traditional Program Guides
Campaign Development | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Campaign Development

  • Multi Channel Ad Campaigns
  • Create ROI and Conversion Tools
  • Deploy Member Rate Quote Tool
Business System Interfaces | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Business System Interfaces

  • Top Notch Registration Experience
  • Member Access
  • ROI Based Solutions
Member Data Marketing | YMCA Marketing Experts | whyMarlin

Member Data Marketing

  • Determine Target Marketing Profiles
  • Development of Email Platforms
  • Development of Digital Platforms


Don’t just take our word for it – read on to see what some of our clients have to say about working with the whyMarlin Team.

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We take in work from our YMCA partners all across the United States. There is no task too challenging for the Marketing Experts of whyMarlin! Take a look at some of the projects our team has been involved in.

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We come to you with an extensive history and understanding of successfully implementing Marketing Campaigns from our history and incredibly talented team.